We are pleased to announce an open artist call to work with the Building City Dashboards research team located in the MU Social Sciences Institute and the National Centre for Geocomputation.


We invite artists to create a digital artwork using open data from the Dublin and or Cork dashboards (http://www.dublindashboard.ie/and http://www.corkdashboard.ie). The goal is to explore and expand multimodal creative expression in the digital space using open urban data and to extend the work of the dashboard visualization and the public impact of the research through an open competition for media artists to research and build alternative data tools, apps, and representations.


Each artist must commit to exhibiting the final artwork in a Data/Media Art exhibition in Maynooth University in early June 2018. Each artist will be awarded €5,000 to work over 2 months. Three artists will be selected and each artist will be provided with a workspace and data expertise if necessary, however the specific costs of the artwork must be covered by the €5000 payment and each artist must be able to work independently and as such will be expected to have their own digital skills.


Payment can be through one of two methods: 1) as an occasional employee of the University, or 2) or through invoice as a University supplier. In the latter case, the artist would need to complete a new supplier form and provide the header part of their bank statement. In both cases, the €5000 will be inclusive of PRSI or VAT. Payment will be staggered to ensure final delivery. The University will own the completed artwork and can display the work in exhibitions with full artist acknowledgement. Further display or reproduction of the work by the artist must acknowledge the source of funding.


To apply please send your detailed proposed submission and a link to previous works to Rob.Kitchin(at)mu(dot)ie, with the subject line ‘media/data art MU’. Queries about the positions can also be sent to the same email address or to Jeneen.Naji(at)mu(dot)ie. Closing date: 30th November 2017


The following categories are examples of the type of works we are accepting:

  • New media installations
  • Outdoor new media installations and projections
  • Single channel video and animation
  • Multimedia performance
  • Experimental documentary
  • Web-Art / Art-Gaming / Mobile Device Apps
  • VR/AR environments and storytelling
  • Robotics
  • Digitally generated objects (i.e., 3D Printing)
  • Interactive installations for children


These visiting posts are funded by Science Foundation Ireland as part of a supplemental grant to Prof. Rob Kitchin’s European Research Council funded Programmable City project. The Building City Dashboard project is also funded by Science Foundation Ireland.


More information about the Programmable City project can be found at: http://progcity.maynoothuniversity.ie/


More information about the Building City Dashboards project can be found at: https://dashboards.maynoothuniversity.ie