Digital Planning Platform

This project builds upon research exploring the development of a 3D planning tool by reimagining the system as a platform. This comprised the visualisation tool, a separate database, a dedicated applications for aggregating real-time data, and an API enabling other tools to connect to the same underlying data. The system enables planners to visualise data relating to zoning and use of 59,000 individual buildings across 28 sq km of Dublin. Planners can also visualise information on property price, the AirBnB rental market, local heritage, demographics, natural assets and environmental factors such as noise and air pollution. Additional real-time information on transport and social media provide a live view of what is happening in the city at any given moment. Viewing these diverse data in the same environment enables planners to construct an overview of the city, both past and present, helping them more effectively think to the future.


Workspace for Automating Data Preparation in FME: