The researcher will work on Work Package 2.2 Investigating scalar issues in visualisation.
 At present, most city dashboards are optimized to function best on a standard display screen. They will display on a smartphone or tablet, but in a way that is suboptimal in terms of legibility and coherence. This task will investigate scalar issues in how data are effectively visualised across different media and to use the resultant information to develop appropriate methods for delivering dashboard content on mobile devices (the key platforms through which people access city information on the move). The method will consist of building and iteratively user testing and developing mobile apps for the Dublin Dashboard. The outputs will be specific apps for citizens to use, but also a design guide for app developers producing city-focused apps.

The successful applicant will be expected to work effectively as part of a team, maintain active liaison with stakeholders and collaborators, make a significant contribution to the dissemination of project outputs (incl. workshops, publications, web site, etc.), contribute to the development of PhD students participating in the project.


This postdoc will provide high level input into researching and developing the multi­modal dashboard interfaces/installations. They will have strong visualisation and project management skills as well as experience working in app development.


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